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Vacuum Therapy Body Contouring

VG Beauty Lounge now offers the latest non-surgical breakthrough in body contouring – the non-invasive Vacuum Butt Lift!

Vacuum therapy works to break down cellulite and fatty deposits which helps eliminate toxins and restores the skin's natural elasticity. It softens and smooths the skin while simultaneously raising and promoting the gluteal muscles.

This treatment works particularly well on the buttocks and hip areas and is the perfect option if you want a tighter rear end. It improves your skins elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Vacuum Therapy Benefits
• Softens scar tissue
• Improves circulation
• Encourages energy flow
• Lifts and plumps buttocks
• Soothes skin and muscles
• Increases immune function
• Clears congestion and debris
• Releases deep muscle tension
• Increases range of movement
• Reduces pain and inflammation

The vacuum therapy procedure is non-invasive, causing only minimal redness and bruising, so you can commence your normal daily activities right away. The total number of treatments will vary based on individual needs – the average recommendation is 6 sessions.

A way better alternative to surgery, a vacuum therapy butt lift is an effective solution that will leave you with a revitalized bottom. Say goodbye to your saggy rear end today by calling VG Beauty for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation!