Microneedling with Exo-RT in tucson

Turning Back the Hands of Time w/ExoRT

Microneedling (also known as percutaneous collagen induction needling) has arrived on the dermatological scene as a relatively new treatment method for skin rejuvenation, skin discoloration, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, enlarged pores and more. The microneedling pen device uses needles to puncture hundreds of tiny holes in the skin releasing natural growth properties, new collagen and elastin. One highly touted benefit of this device is that it is safe for all skin types and causes far less damage to the epidermis than traditional devices.

This procedure has a faster recovery time than many other more invasive treatments, shorter healing period, and is more successful in achieving longer lasting results. Areas of the body suitable for this procedure include the legs, hands, back, cleavage, abdomen, arms, neck and face.

It is common to receive 3-6 treatments of microneedling, depending on your treatment plan and the area of the body being addressed. We will carry out a full evaluation to determine your treatment schedule. Discuss your individual goals and desires with the doctor during your initial consultation. For clients with severe sun damage, deep wrinkles and scars, more treatment sessions are usually required to achieve desired results.

We will apply a topical numbing agent at the onset of treatment. Most patients report feeling quite comfortable during their treatment sessions with little to no discomfort. The treatment takes approximately one hour. You can choose to add the Exo-RT regenerative complex to drastically boost the rejuvenating effects of this treatment. This serum signals your skin to produce up to 6x more collagen and elastin than just the microneedling alone. Ask us about adding this youth enhancing boost to your microneedling treatment today!

Tightened Crepey Skin

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Improved Acne & Scarring

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Reduced Hyperpigmentation

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