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Hydrodermabrasion Facial

VG Beauty Lounge knows the importance of skin hydration – especially in our dry desert climate. A Hydroderm Facial will help restore your skin to its healthiest state by removing impurities and replenishing your skin with essential nutrients and hydration.

A Hydroderm Facial is suitable for all skin types, including thin or aging skin, ethnic skin, dry or oily skin – even sensitive skin! This extremely gentle treatment utilizes water-technology to exfoliate, detoxify, renew, and rehydrate your skin. It delivers immediate glowing results without any discomfort or irritation.

This is a multi-step procedure which uses a variety of hydro-tips to perform different functions. The Hydro-Derm Tip has an abrasive edge which gently exfoliates the skin. The Hydro-Extraction Tip creates a vortex with its spiral design that is effective in dislodging clogged pores and flushing impurities. The Hydro-Fusion Tip infuses skin with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides. This last tip is able to deliver therapeutic ingredients deep into the skin, resulting in higher levels of absorption.

Hydroderm Can Improve
• Basic Skin Health
• Brown Age Spots
• Enlarged Pore Size
• Acne & Break-Outs
• Psoriasis & Eczema
• Rough Skin Texture
• Dry & Flaky Patches
• Oily, Congested Skin
• Elasticity & Firmness
• Fine Lines & Wrinkles

This exfoliation treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and delivers immediate results without downtime. Don not wait a moment longer – schedule your appointment with VG Beauty Lounge today!