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EMS toning in tucson

EMS Body Toning

An elite choice in body toning technology, VG Beauty Lounge now offers EMS therapy. EMS slimming or Electronic Muscle Stimulation uses a cutting-edge device for slimming, toning, and firming muscles. It is also excellent for enhancing blood flow and reducing muscle spasms and chronic pain. Studies have shown that weekly EMS sessions have affected metabolic markers and have had positive effects in decreasing belly fat.

The EMS uses stimulation pads to deliver tiny pulses of electricity to the muscles, causing them to contract, similarly to how muscles contract during active exercise. When the muscle is stimulated, the contraction can be held from a few seconds to a few minutes at a time.

Electronic Muscle Stimulators Benefits
• Reduce the muscle atrophy and build muscles
• Relaxation of muscle tension and joint stiffness
• Help with water retention and lymphatic drainage
• Increase blood circulation and manage chronic pain

This therapy is designed to be safe with no risk of electric shock, however, individuals with pace makers, insulin pumps, high blood pressure, metal implants, or those who may be pregnant should not use EMS. EMS may be the answer for you… call VG Beauty for a private consultation!